"Blue Over Blue"

December 2022:  Songwriters Nancy Simmonds and Cyril Rawson release 12 songs they created in the early 90's.   Cyril produced the band tracks in Nashville with studio muscians (sorry, we have no records of who played but they were great!) and Nancy added  vocals from her studio in Carpinteria, California. Just recently re-discovered, packed away on the shelves that store tapes and cds from over the years, these songs are a sweet collection of the work that represents these two writrers from Canada. Special guest writers Colleen Peterson (Broken Moon) and Alannah Myles (I'll Keep You Satisfied) shared these productive years and add to the flavor of the CD.  Enjoy!

Hear the CD on YouTube

Nancy, Alannah, Cyril & Colleen

Alannah, Cyril & Nancy