Animal Shelter Song

The Heart Knows

From Nancy:  The Heart Knows is about the animal shelter.  These dogs in the video were all rescued by Nancy.  Please consider adopting from a shelter and giving a dog a second chance.  Thank you.

The Animal Shelter Song (The Heart Knows)

My life was suddenly so still

So sad I lost my will

No dog to greet me at the door

Empty bowls laid on the floor

My spirit seemed to fall apart

Face to face with my shattered heart

Tears betrayed me one by one

I knew what had to be done

I saw that shelter and breathed in

Time to open up again

I left my car and stepped inside

Let some angel be my guide

The high pitched yelps ran up my spine

I met those eyes as they searched mine

Slowly I passed by each run

How could I choose just one -

Oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh

The heart knows

I read the story as it was told

How can people be so cold

But some lost homes and all they'd saved

Now they too roam the streets like strays

Then through the wire, she was there

I could feel her thoughts so clear

And all the pain I had inside

Melted in her eyes

Oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh

The heart knows

Inside that shelter lives are saved

Just like mine was saved that day

That shelter helps us to believe

There's still kindness in our breed

I lead her down the winding halls

But somewhere I still heard a call

So I found that cat, or he fiound me

And now my life is shared by three

Oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh,

The heart knows

Nancy Simmonds

Soap Opry Music

Copyright 2015